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    Impianto fotovoltaico (Montag, 13 April 2015 13:06)

    Un saluto a tutti, complimenti ;-)

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    review of the literature (Mittwoch, 05 November 2014 08:46)

    Die malerei ist die praxis der anwendung der farbe, pigment, farbe oder anderes medium zu einer oberfläche. Das medium wird üblicherweise an derbasis mit einem pinsel, sondern auch andere hilfsmittel wie beispielsweise messer, schwämme und spritzpistolen aufgetragen, verwendet werden.

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    Elaine (Mittwoch, 01 Oktober 2014 20:40)

    I love your paintings.

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    OilPainting (Mittwoch, 07 Mai 2014 08:32)

    Wow, I am deeply impressed by the naked body oil paintings !!! never see the style before!!

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    Danni Higman (Donnerstag, 27 März 2014 14:07)

    Hello Hanjo, your work is so inspiring personally.
    keep being great!

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    Lizzie (Mittwoch, 20 März 2013 00:00)

    Came across your work when looking for inspiration for my school work, one of the best collection of work that I have come across.
    The colour use and expressive style is incredible! Keep it up!

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    Shandis Harrison (Sonntag, 03 März 2013 05:51)

    The tonal range in creating skin is phenomenal! Absolutely one of my new favourites!

    Fine Arts student; Oil painter; Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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    Ivan (Samstag, 09 Februar 2013 11:37)

    What a great painter, the use of colour is amazing, this is a great talent for painting.

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    Jessica (Montag, 14 Januar 2013 00:08)

    Wow. I came across your work from Pinterest. Amazing use of color. I'm mesmerized. I love your style.

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    Anna (Sonntag, 26 August 2012 17:21)

    Increible! me ha gustado mucho, lo he visto todo, y esque me he identificado bastante, no hago lo que haces tu pero he buscado muchas veces algo parecido por eso he disfrutado tanto viendo tus pinturas, me parece agresivo sin miedo y muy expresivo... Pues mi admiracion! Mucho animo!

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    Grady Harp (Freitag, 15 Juni 2012 20:38)

    No, I think my very favorite is Curtain!

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    Grady Harp (Freitag, 15 Juni 2012 20:37)

    OH, Hanjo, I do dearly love the new works! I am so happy that you are painting again. I think many of these are brilliant and I especially love 'Century' and all the new paintings. Now I want to write about you again - for a different publication!

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    Rodolfo (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2012 19:22)

    Hello Hanjo, i just wanted to say that your work really inspires me to keep om working my voice in art. I love your use of color and expresive brushing. Thank you very much for your art.

    Saludos from Yucatan. Mexico.